Bandwidth and Flexibility to supplement any development teams

The Company

Crowdvac Technology leverages “the wisdom of the crowd” - which means that we harness beneficial dynamics of overlapping networks and a trust infrastructure that is constantly being cultivated and maintained by our recruitment team.

Our recruiters have developed large networks of talent in the industries we serve, and each recruiter stays in regular contact with their respective talent pools in order to be able to fill open positions with best-fit candidates in record time.

The Team

Our recruitment team has decades of experience recruiting in several different IT and IS areas.

In addition to our talent networks, we have developed a highly proactive, systematic and proprietary recruiting methodology which enables Crowdvac to find, recruit and place the very best candidates, even in today’s very competitive market.

  Mobile Apps

  iOS, iPadOS



  Web Apps

  Cross Browser Compatibility

  Business and Consumer Focus


  Media / OTT Apps

  Apple TV


  Fire TV

  Smart TV

  Security Apps

  Security Review and Integration

  User Auth

  Sensitive Content

  Payment Integration

  DevOps Teams

  IT Staff Augmention

  CI / CD

  Server Administration


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